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STAGE LIFE, conceived/adapted by Martin Tackel and directed by Gwen Arment, is truly an ode not only to the actor, but anyone who has ever been inspired by the theater to make it their life’s work.  From actor to playwright, to producer and teacher alike, this is theater in its truest, diverse and most appreciated form – right on Theatre Row….That is the magic that happens on this stage….It is acting at its finest, and you will certainly not have to ‘act’ as though it delighted you to be a witness to this wonderful show….The cast of STAGE LIFE really does a great job with this production, as their talent, versatility and enthusiasm are all clearly palpable…. Brittney Lee Hamilton, Peter Husovsky, Judy McLane, Brandon Schraml, MarTina Vidmar and Stuart Zagnit round out a wonderfully coherent cast that looks like it had the utmost fun bringing this play to its feet….Kudos also to Scenic Designer Andrew Diaz, Lighting Designer Zach Pizza, Costume Designer Lui Konno, and Music/Sound by Brian Hurley….Enjoy the show!”  


Kristen Morale,

"STAGE LIFE is a very retro but rewarding evening...This really tells you about theatre the way it used to be....

Judy McLane is sensational playing a myriad of characters...MarTina Vidmar is very good in supporting roles...If you really want to know what theatre was like...before it became a corporate thing, this will tell you....I was personally glad to see it on the scene and thought it was very rewarding."  

Peter Filichia,


“Director Gwen Arment hasn’t been narrow in her casting, for she has found six winners to play more than two dozen characters.  Stuart Zagnit is particularly expert as Sanford Meisner….He’s also superb as Danchenko to Brandon Schraml’s equally adept Stanislavski.  MarTina Vidmar’s…talent is in great evidence when she portrays the critic.  Brittney Lee Hamilton…when asked to portray Geraldine Page, rises beyond the occasion.  Judy McLane…makes the mystery reader so sure of herself when deconstructing MACBETH that it’s a wonder that Peter Husovsky can keep a straight face….STAGE LIFE may well be for you.”  

Peter Filichia,

"STAGE LIFE is a broad stretch into the vast canvas of a thespian society; a magnified microcosm of life...An ambitious and intelligent gambit... Insightfully razor-sharp to the angsts and misgivings that congeal into a theatrical performance....The 90-minute play packed a lot of punch in what felt like a sparring match with multiple rounds.... This pompous critic left feeling contrite and humbled by the workings of Stage Life."  


Melinda Pressler,

"STAGE LIFE is an intriguing compendium of theater-related essays and short stories involving actors, 

producers, directors, teacher, press agent, audience and even us critics get a nod....My favorite was the Thurber story which will give you an entirely different perspective on that Damn Scottish Play....This accomplished cast took great pleasure in sharing their love of theater with this delightful divertissement....It might make you want to get a ‘stage life.’"


From Hi! Dramas by Eve Heinemann,

Photo Credit: Felicia Mariah Photography

Show Website/Graphics: Esther Yumi Ko

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