The Macbeth Murder Mystery

by James Thurber

In the Throes

by Dorothy Parker

Memorial to a Bad Man

by George Bradshaw

Creative Arts Lab

May 24 - June 9, 2018

The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row, NYC

410 West 42nd Street

Meisner on Acting

by Sanford Meisner 
& Dennis Longwell

David Belasco

Burning Bright

by Jose Quintero

Anton Chekhov

Konstantin Stanislavsky

William Shakespeare

STAGE LIFE is a rousing celebration of lives well-lived in and about the Theatre – The work, the art, the passion, the craziness and the joy. Delight in a shining and theatrical tapestry of contemporary and classic short stories, letters, comic and dramatic pieces and reminiscences – imaginatively adapted for the stage – featuring the Actor, the Playwright, the Director, the Producer, the Critic, the Teacher, the Press Agent – even the Audience. All are revealed before the footlights and are deliciously fair game. Never mind the movies, cable, streaming and tweeting – It is and will always be the magic of the Theatre that engages, inspires and moves you like nothing else.